Dropdown Select item using hot key or any other shortuct or activity


I need to select a particlaur value from a dropdown , the select item activity doesnt work as the webpage doesnt have selectors ,it appears as canvas or like image when uipath tries to select anything.
Is there a way i can select particlaur value from dropdown by sending hot key function.
I am aware of cv functons, which works sometime…but would like to know any other suggestions maybe by hot key or any other activity.


@Divya123 - You can use Find Children activity and loop through UiElement to find the dropdown lists…see the below posts…

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I am not able to use any activity which uses selector , as the full page appears as

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Web' />
<webctrl id='application' tag='IFRAME' />
<webctrl src='/centerstonelink34/space.htm?site=TEST' tag='IFRAME' />
<webctrl tag='CANVAS' />

So looking for any other activty which doesnt needs selector from a wegpage

Hello Divya123
The above html selector is showing a white webpage. Is this the dropdown element page? You can also try with Type into activity with the particular value.

Use Select Item Activity,