Dropdown Search and Select Asset Values In Orchrestrator

Hello. I want to offer a public robot for my clients in which after being invited to run executions, they are supposed to manage assets and change configurations as they see fit. For instance, if they need to enable/disable a specific option, they might perhaps toggle the boolean value True/False. However, what’s keeping me away from starting this is that for text string types, I want them to be able to pick from predefined values just like when adding a new property key/pair. This option is not available it can be really inconveniant for users to manually type in values every single time that need to change it. See below for example of what I mean.


You can create a UiPath app and give them instead of updating in assets that way…you can give a drop down as well

In string type to give a value…there can be any value that we might want to type…restriction can be done in apps as needed for any asset you need

Hope this helps


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Thanks @Anil_G

You’re a genius! :slight_smile:

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