Dropdown Menu: Select Item error


I am experiencing the following error when attempting to click

Source: Select Item ‘SELECT fileTypeList’ (Select Item ‘SELECT fileTypeList’)
Message: Value does not fall within the expected range.
Exception Type: System.ArgumentException

I’m using an Anchor Base to identify a “Label” element to the right of my dropdown menu and using “Select Item” when clicking the dropdown menu. The selector is able to identify the values of the drop down menu and I can identify that through my UiPath Studio. However, for some reason it is unable to identify the value.

I am able to access the drop down menu by clicking a button. When the button is clicked a pop-up window in front of the web page. This window contains the dropdown menu.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the Anchor Base, please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide. Appreciate the help!

Hi @verdonej

The screenshot did not post, this could be due to you being a new user.

See attached screenshot:

Any reason why you’re using anchor base in this instance instead of just the select item by itself?

Select item activity is case sensitive, but based on your screenshots you’re ok there. I would troubleshoot this by using find element on the dropdown list, then use the “get child elements” activity and in a for each loop, print out the aaname of each child element. Then compare it against the text you are using in your current select item activity to make sure you have a match. Do this comparison in UiPath by printing out item = "Excel (.xlsx)" - don’t just compare using your eyes

If that is all working, it is possible that your anchor is the issue and you should move to troubleshooting that portion (or remove it if not needed)

The reason for the Anchor Base was the bot was failing to select the element when only using “Select Item.” (I’ve just retested to verify)

I also attempted a “Find Element” followed by a “Find Children” activity. It does not appear the “Find Children” activity is capturing the drop-down menu items. My understanding is they would appear in either the Selector or Properties - Output?

This is the Selector for “Find Children”

Any additional feedback/advice?

Thanks for the help!

If you look at the dropdown using UiExplorer does it show children?

Also, UiPath recommends clicking on a dropdown menu before using the select item activity, as sometimes the dropdown contents does not load until that happens