Dropdown menu in webpage with no Select Item support

Hello everybody,

I am trying to select a value extracted from a data table for which I assigned a variable in a drop-down menu from a web page that does not support “Select Item” or “Type Into” activities. I read something online regarding “Find Children” activity but I’m not really sure how that activity would work in my case.
Any thoughts on how should I proceed?

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Hi @Manu_Basoc
Im not sure about “Find children” activity, But a workaround it so activate the dropdown and use arrow keys, page, down etc to select the desired value. If they have a fixed location this should not be to hard.
If you cant use hotkeys or type into anywhere on that page it will make it a bit more challenging :slight_smile: You might then just need to click to every option until the correct one is found.

If you are on a RDP or citrix environment, and the values are random you can try a find image when scrolling through the list, and click then the correct value is found.

Hi @MickeyFireMouse
Unfortunately I need to select the item from the drop down menu using a variable so the hotkeys would not be a solution for my problem. Also the type into activity can not be used as you can not type into that specific field. I thought of both of those solutions but they can not be applied in my situation.

Does anybody have another workaround?

P.S: It is not a Citrix environment.

Hi @Manu_Basoc

first click on the drop down menu, once it display the list then click the required item , pass the variable in the selector while clicking the item.

My selector is:


Should I replace the column name with my variable? I’m having trouble identifying selector because of the dynamic web pages.