Dropdown list - multiple choice - read and select

i’m trying to read which items are selected on a dropdown list with multiple choice possible.
Then, i have to select again those fields on another dropdown list with multiple choice possible.
i’m stuck on those 2 actions : read and select again.
My dropdown list is not recognized as a dropdown list with the dedicated UiPath activity.
How can i do those 2 actions ?
Thanks in advance for you help,

I have the same script to do: After entering an address in Google Map interface, I want to select a proposal from the list given by the Google AJAX script. But even with the exact words, no selection is made either with click on any given option in the list. So the Google Map point is not recognized and no Distance calculation is done in the Google map interface. What do I need to use in UiPath to do this kind of action?
Thank you in advance for your help.

I managed to solve my problem with “inject js” activity with a dedicated js file associated.

Please find attached my use case

script1.zip (554 Bytes)

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thanks Clarisse,
In your case your html input is a select with attribute?
but what about code like this :

Point A
        <div class="col-sm-4">
            <input name="PointA" class="form-control address" id="txtPointA" required="required" type="text" placeholder="Address A..." value="" data-hiddenid="hPlaceIdA" autocomplete="off">
            <input name="PlaceIdA" id="hPlaceIdA" required="required" type="hidden" value="">