DropDown Contain checkboxes selection problem


Hope this helps :slight_smile: demo.xaml (14.2 KB)


Wonder if it worked for you and this issue is resolved :thinking:
Will be great to know


Thanks bro its working. I have an another problem here regarding internet connectivity issue i.e i want to show message box accordingly if internet connection is available or not. i did the task but every time it shows true result if internet is available or not help me
my email is "dhimansandeep393@gmail.com"


hey in the drop down menu of location case.i have to put the location in input dialog but here is one problem, i have to put the same word that present in drop down list
like in drop down there is a place “Noida” or someone other notice here “N” is capital. when i put “noida” in the input dialog then it unable to choose from drop down and give error.how i can deal with it.


Ok you can use below solution

I have update the xaml :point_right: demo.xaml (14.2 KB)

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thanku bro


Happy to help


hello hello, suppose i have a multiple pdf in same folder and all pdf have different format but some terms are same like invoice number, invoice data in all pdf i want to extract invoice number and invoice date and store into csv for all pdf. Please help


here is the pdf of invoice here i want to extract Invoice Number and Total data and want to store into csv how to do. i have tried many time different different but i am unable to extract the data please helpwordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)
invoice 2.pdf (171.1 KB)

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