DropDown Contain checkboxes selection problem

In the website i have a location dropdown which contain checkbox with the location name so here i create a input dialog in which i put the location like delhi,noida then i want that in the dropdown that location should automatically select that i put in input dialog. please help

HI @Sandeep_Kumar2

Can you please share the website.

JothyPrasanth M


here i have to choose the multiple checkbox from the “candidate current location”

Hi @Sandeep_Kumar2

Refer this link.


already tried it

but no luck

Try this .

it is static step not dynamic i want to choose to check box according to input i put into the input dialog box.

Did you tried “Select item activity”?


you can also make some changes in selector… capture the location and then you can pass the variable (Input dialog variable).



Instead of location ,pass your variable


can you do that


unable to understand

What I believe you can do.
Use a Click/Check activity and in the selector you can edit and include you variable in place of the city name(using relative text option)

For the dynamic values you can use wild card *
Include both the ‘input’ and the ‘div’

“<html app=‘chrome.exe’ htmlwindowname=‘itskill4’ title=‘Resdex’ />
<webctrl id=’ * ’ tag=‘DIV’ aaname=’”+vlocation+"’ />
<nav up=‘1’ />
<webctrl id=’ * ’ tag=‘INPUT’ />"

bro can you send the UIPath task that you have done.

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_Test.xaml (6.1 KB)
Here you go! :slight_smile:

did not work for me

can you complete send the solution here like open browser, input dialog and then choose location and click search button

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