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Hi Team,

How to make dynamic delay in drop down?
I have page with 10 drop down list, if I select the first drop down then only next drop will be editable mode.
We don’t know the delay time, so that I need to put the delay once my current drop down list is selected. How can achieve the dynamic delay?

getattribute activity should help

Hi Badita,

Thank you for quick reply, I have web page contains drop down lists if I select the first drop down it will take time to load the second but if I give static delay it will take time to process, I mean need to keep the delay once the next drop down is enabled.
I didn’t see the any property for the web page?


You can achieve dynamic delay using “Scope Retry” activity.

Yeah, I would explore the “Retry Scope” (preferably) or a Do While loop. Then, you can create a boolean for if the button exists or is disabled to end the Retry or Loop.

Here we go fella.:thumbsup:
aastate.xaml (15.0 KB)


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