Hello everyone
I m doing a project in which I have a web application and in it there are different dropdowns from that I have to select the values.From 6, all 5 values will remain same but there is only 1 drop-down which have above 200 values. I am using find children and for each activity for that particular drop down that have multiple values.

How I can use a loop for all the drop-downs and for that particular one also?

I m new to uipath and this is my first project.
Can anyone plz help me?

Did you you use UiPath recorder option?

cheers @AjayN

Are you looping through the dropdowns and selecting 1 item from each? or do you want to read what’s in the dropdowns?

I want to read all values in dropdown

If you want to select a value from drop down use select item activity

I am using select item.

I have to loop in thorough the dropdown values of GSTIN List of Values, all other values will be same/static in each loop of GSTIN. Can you please help me out how to achieve this.

Hi @AjayN

Use for each row or item and then pass the value in select item activity


I have stored 200 values in string array .how i can get the value one by one and enter into the web application.

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