Drop down selection

Hi ya,

I was trying to automate salesforce new version and after logging in when i click on NEW to add contacts a pop up window came asking to enter details, in that first one is SALUTATION which is selecting the value from dropdown for that i have tried passing hot keys, automating by click, and select item from activity(UI path) but nothing seems helpful so please can someone help me on this bit

Thanks in advance

Hi Srinivas,
As you want to select salutations which shows all the options once we click on it ,so the best work around for this is to use relative click which will work fine for drop down for limited data.
It wont work for drop down with large data which contains scroll down option.

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unable to find relative click can you help with the code

Hi @siva_kumar20

Have you considered using the recorder? It will generate your activity :slight_smile: