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I am new to RPA. I am building a robot for a project.

I have a requirement to get the customer review of car models. The make, model and year are in drop down, once after selecting correct options and clicking on GO, it takes me to a customer review page.

Consider maruthi, there are several models and hopefully year is as 2018. I tried using screen scraping to get all values of models for maruthi, but I don’t know how to pass different models to website and then proceed on with the customer review for that model.

Note: I did a data scraping and captured all customer reviews for all pages. This I did it for a single model, when it comes to different models and there is a drop down menu, I am stuck. Please guide me.

Hai @abdul,

Kindly share your workflow.


Hey @abdul,

I believe you wanna select values for Make, Model and Year dropdown dynamically using the workflow you designed.

You can select an item under the dropdown using ‘Select Item’ activity. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

Let me know if it works.

Rammohan B.


I have not designed the full work flow yet. As you mentioned let me try ‘select item’ activity and see. I believe by this way I can select dynamically all models under a make. Should I capture anything using screen scraping or data scraping for me to automatically go to the next page and select the customer reviews of those. Why I am asking is , I need to put a loop thru to capture reviews of all models finally.


To achieve this you should already have the combination of values for each of the dropdown Make, Model & Year. You can try by creating an excel sheet with the set of combinations which you want to select for each value of your dropdown(e.g. Excel sheet having 3 Columns -> Make, Model & Year)

Once done, Read Your excel sheet and each value set of Make, Model & Year and pass it to your ‘Select Item’ activity. Loop through each value set after capturing reviews.

Let me know if that works.

Rammohan B.


I was able to pass the model, make and year and get the customer reviews using “select item”. Thanks for your inputs.
As there are many customer reviews it goes for more pages and my IE get hanged. Hence need to restrict it to 5 pages. I introduced a while function and defined the VB expression as “Counter < 5”. But even then it goes for more pages than. Do I need to increment and loop it for 5 pages exactly and come out of the execution. Your help would be appreciated.


Any help ?. Still struggling to get through it.


you can use find children activity, and select FIND_DESENDENTS under options scope,

let me know if still you are facing issue

@abdul hi You can use find children activity first by selecting the drop-down.
Next use for each loop type of argument Uielement
Next take get attribute mention the output result

Next take select item activity and give the result of output of get attribute and try to run drop-down list will works

Aman sheik.

Hey @abdul

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