Drop down list data need to select and Download

Hello Community,

I have created a workflow for selecting the drop-down according to the user input to fetch the particular year data.

now they asked to get the whole years data and avoid the user input pop up.

so any suggestion how to select as default and need to fetch the years data.


Drop down will be like this. in this years need to select one by one.

Hi @chaitanyaKumar,
if I understand you problem correctly, you want to select the first year, then do something, then select the second year and do something.
If yes, a possible solution would be:

There is a possibility that you will need to modify the selector of the Select Item.
Let me know if that works.

ya sure, i will try this way and update you on it


Hey @chaitanyaKumar,
did you have time to try the suggested solution?

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