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Hi everyone,

how can I select the text in the following drop-down field and confirm it by clicking. The “Click” activity does not work. I have also tried Click Text.

Thaks a lot :slight_smile:


You can try using type into and keep hotkeys to do a down-arrow followed by the enter key

Hi @PaulMo ,

Have you tried select activity?

I tried it like this. Didnt worked

Also didnt work

Try to use click activity first to activate the drop down and then use type into and pass 70001 value.

Tried it. Its not a field where you can type in. Just a Drop Down Field

Just use type into without selectors, just pass value

I dont understand what you think about. There is only this Type into activity, right? and I need to show the element in the Browser and write something in text.

Let me tell how this work sometime.

When we use to select some drop down manually we use to click it and then press some key in keyboard to select that value.
So this step will follow same manual step.

Try it it, may be this work.

For this you have selected dropdown or its value.

Just make sure you have to inspect dropdown not it’s List items.

Once it get inspect just click on + sign and select the value.

Thak you very much! Solved it :slight_smile:

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Hi @PaulMo

here you are using TRIGGER ACTIVITIES and its not HOTKEY activities

–First use one SEND HOTKEY activity and click that element and then use down KEY
–then use another SEND HOTKEY activity with key as enter


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