Drop down disappear

Hi all
I have to click on order status column to get the drop down list. Then I wanted to use click to select multiple status from drop down list, however when i try to indicate on screen the drop down option is gone. Not able to use HotKey Down too.


Hi @nancy.tang

Use click activity and press F2 it will give u 3 seconds to choose ur option than click… For multiple choices at the same time, dunno, maybe selectors… ?!

Still not able to do multiple click

I hope it would take the user input by typing
If so
—kindly use TYLE INTO activity and mention the input string we want along with the enter key lime this as input
“Your option” + “[k(enter)]”
And disable SIMULATE TYPE ACTIVITY and enable SENDWINDOWMESSAGE property as we are using hot keys along with the strings

And if we want o make multiple selection then try with n number of type into activities with same format of input with hot keys

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @nancy.tang

Type doesn’t work. :frowning_face:have to click on the column, then only able to tick from the drop down list

Hi, @nancy.tang

How about using check activity?

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the drop down is not showing when i try to indicate on screen. Have to click that column only can select from the drop down

Manged to solve it by using recording :smiley:


1.Click “indicate on screen”.

2.Push F2 key.

3.You’d better hover blank box and then click “Recieved by Dell” speedily.

You’d better change the selector as necessary.

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Can you please let me know what workflow it added after you recorded the process?

Only Click.

ohhh ok!!! Strange that it wasn’t able to pick it without the recorder :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the generated workflow :smiley:

Good day


Manged to solve it by using recording

I’m happy to hear that. :blush:

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