Drang and Drop from windows to Swing application


I am facing a problem to drag and drop from the windows to a swing application. In this moment I already made the activities and when I execute it every think is fine, but the file is nos going to the application. I already tried some solutions that I find here … but it doesn`t works in my case.

Anyone had this problem before? I am attaching here my file to help if someone can me help.

Tks in advance.
VerifyDragAndDRop.xaml (9.0 KB)

Not able to open your xaml file. It says invalid.
What are the activities that you are using to drag and drop?

upload along with json file,

when opening the xaml we are getting document invalid.

I put it in a blank project to e more easy. I am using the activities Click and Hover to simulate the drag and drop, but for now did not working yet from de windows file to a swing application.

Thanks so much for the answers.
BlankLibrary.zip (1.5 MB)

Are you getting exception while executing this.

It seems selectors are not good, try to make it precise.

No … no exceptions … finish with success…but the file not move.