Drag text into type into activity


I want to upload a file to a repository, and just have use the type into activity to write the filename.

Most of the time, the type into activity works perfectly. However, from time to time instead of fully empty the textbox field, it partially deletes the previously uploaded name, drags the remaining the text and writes the current filename as shown:

I tried the following things:

  1. Empty field
  2. Use 2 type into activities. The first to clear the text Metadata_DP.xml and the second to write UploadFile.docx

I want to avoid using delay activity, and just going to do it as attempt.

Can someone help?


And also check ClickBeforeTyping and either SimulateType or SendWindowMessage options and try it once.

If you still face same issues then use Set Text Activity and try it.

hope these steps would help you resolved this
–use SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and pass the string to be typed in as input
this will set our file name to clipboard
–now use a SEND HOT KEY activity and use key delete
–then another SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v to paste the value from clipboard
like how we do with copy - paste

Cheers @Fer

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Why the type into activity with Send Window Message and Simulate Type with Empty property selected, does not solve the issue? Why this error is occuring intermittently?

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yah it would actually work
but its purely based on the application that takes up the input with its element and this happens when we are trying to type a long or complex file paths (in terms of text)
–in that case to ensure that it works fine especially when replacing the text and a new one i preferred SEND HOT KEY with set text to clipboard…and it worked

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Fer

You can place typeinto and “” into the typeinto or you can try Set Text with “” also, it will work as Empty field

also select Send window message and try the same


I placed 2 type into activities. In the first, text was set as String.Empty. In the second, I placed the filename. I runned the workflow some times, and I think this fixed the intermitent dragging text.

I tried the set text. With this solution, instead of saving the file into Environment.CurrentDirectory it saved into Downloads folder.

Thank you for all your suggestions.

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