Drag invoices to a folder to trigger automation

Hi all,
I am new to UiPath and I am trying to automate invoices I receive from 4 different vendors. I want to trigger the automation by dragging the invoices to a folder with the vendors name.
I have been looking around in this forum and all around how to set this up but I cant find a clear answer how and which activity to use.

flow would be as following drag and invoice to: Invoices(folder)->Facebook(Folder)->Automation starts…

Hi @Paul_R

use move file Activity insteAd of drAg & drop click Activity

Ashwin S

Thanks for your quick response.
Not sure I explained it right. I get 4 invoices once a month and instead of using “get attachments” I want to create a folder on my desktop where I can move the invoices to when I receive them - and that the attended bot gets triggered by new PDF items in that folder.

Hi @Paul_R

USE Create Folder and use move file activity and use read pdf text with ocr activity

@shwin S