Drag&Drop activities Not in the correct order


I wonder what’s the trick to drag and drop my activities into sequence. Right now when I do drag and drop or Copy and paste, my activities are in the reverse order… I don’t get it. Anyone knows how to avoid it to reverse my activity order by default? Thanks!

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It should always show you the place that activity will be put at when drag and dropping.
As to the copy paste, it will normally be pasted after the currently selected activity.

Hi Team @loginerror

use UiPath i can able to do drag and drop in website it is Possible !!!

what activity i need to use ?
see the screenshot too

It might be best making a new topic for your question, as the question above doesn’t relate.

But… have you tried simply copy and pasting the file into the ‘drop’ box? This should work fine.

it does not work copy and paste in WF.
i have set the hot keys and i have tried too no use @CBlanchard

Have you tried using the screen recorder to right click copy, and right click paste?

Hi @CBlanchard
Thanks for your reply.
I have achieve through Attach windows active.
In that tooo i have face issues in Selectors [to solve that i have used the Attach to live element] got the solution for Drag and Drop Activity.

General Example for Drag and Drop Activity see below :
little bit Advance
DragAndDropUpdated.xaml (20.5 KB)
Basic Example :
DragDrop-1.xaml (9.0 KB)

Excellent, awesome job!!

I’ll be using this for future reference as well :slight_smile: