Drag andDrop Activity Available in UIPath

Hi Team @ddpadil

use UiPath i can able to do drag and drop in website it is Possible !!!

what activity i need to use ?
see the screenshot too

HI @shruti
i cannot get the solution from this u shared link and i didnot undersatnd too

Any packages is there for drag and drop event achieve in my managa packages i didnot get any packages like that ?

can you help me

DragDrop-1.xaml (9.0 KB)

in your case first use click up then hover then click down

yes i have use as you said throws an error ?
on click up itself !!

Hi @RaviDevaraj

Please see the attachment for a working solution that you may use as a reference.
You will need to tune it yourself to fit your particular situation as we do not have access to the software your are using.
DragAndDrop.xaml (12.1 KB)

In the future, please refrain from posting about the same issue in different topics.

Hi @loginerror

I have tried it execute the complete xaml with out errors but i does not happen any action for drag and Drop event alone !!!

Can you please help me out !!!

Check out this other example, it is with exactly same activities but tested on another website.
Could you be more specific about when does it break (preferably with screenshots)?

DragAndDropUpdated.xaml (20.5 KB)

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you example works fine but the as per in that selectors i have select as like follow in example but i cannot able to get you .?
throws an error

see the screenshot from here i need drag that file
Paste in to here !!
I was selected the file here !! it throws an error here itself

My over all open browser Activity screenshoot :

Could you specify what the error is? I will assume it is a timeout out because it did not find the item by selector.

Could you open UiExplorer and provide screenshots of last two branches? Like this:

We might be able to make you a selector that works (if that is what the error message suggests)


second image with Parent !!

kindly Let me know the if any information needed here to solve the issues

The ID from the selector might not be the best. I would suggest refreshing the page a couple of times and every time Reattach to the element using this option in UiPath:

I would also use the selector with parent class selected (just to be sure).

oh ok.

Attach to Live Element ?

why we need to do that ? Any Special reason ?

ok Fine .

What Attach to Live Element does is to try and only leave parts that do not change in your selector (and ID looks like a randomly generated number).

In your case I’d try with just aaname and tag properties.

live part or leave part ?

Attach to live element i have tried and i have set the selectors

For drag and drop why we need to Doing the 3 click event and 1 hover event

what it excately does in this ? that to target place selector only we are placing last 3 place

I meant that the option Attach to Live Element leaves only the part of selector that will not change between page refreshes :slight_smile:
(so selector is stable, does not change)

The three clicks are supposed to simulate the user.

  1. First click the mouse DOWN (same as you would manually) (“drag” it)
  2. Then hover over target area.
  3. Second DOWN click to make sure the element moves to the target area (it’s a workaround, otherwise it didn’t work for my example)
  4. Third click UP to release the element and “drop” it in the target area.

Feel free to add one click at the time. If it works to click DOWN and hover? Okay. Add another UP click and see.

Please experiment with the options here and you will find your solution :slight_smile:

using this can able to achieve the Drag and Drop activity
Thanks a lot @loginerror