Drag and Drop- Separate Activity

Hey all,

I was thinking that it will be very good if UiPath will provide drag and drop as a separate Activity because whenever you are working in an application which is slow we cannot use traditional activity which UiPath provides. I can personally feel that traditional method won’t work in RDP or VM as well.
Looking forward to seeing this activity in UIpath. Please vote it so that it UiPath will take this into consideration.


Hi @anmolk171

Could you explain a little bit how you would see this activity? Currently you are able to emulate the drag and drop behaviour by just using the Click activity and it’s property to Click_Down on an item you want to drag and Click_Up above the element you want to drag the item to.

Hi @loginerror

I have tried to Drag and Drop in VM mainly in IE but not able to achieve that. Any ideas on this.


Could you try this example?
DragAndDropExample.zip (6.9 KB)

It’s a simple one to show the idea. I had to use a workaround of clicking Down twice in a row, but other than that it should work out of the box :slight_smile:

@loginerror - Thanks

I will try and let you know.

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