Draft email does not show up in Outlook's Outbox

Hello. In my “Send Outlook Email” activity, draft is checked, but I don’t see the email in my Outbox after I run it. Am I looking in the wrong place? When I uncheck it, an email is sent successfully. However, I would like to see it in the outbox as draft first. Please advise. Thank you.

I think you have to look for the drafts folder instead of outbox folder

I looked there as well, but unfortunately I don’t see the emails.

@Yannie ,

IsDraft - Specifies whether the message should be saved as a draft.

The Mail will be in OutBox - when Outlook is not able to send the Email lets say because of network Issue. After some Time - assuming that outlook is connected - the email will be sent to the the Recepient and the mail will move from outbox to Sent Items.

The IsDraft will Save the Mail in the Draft Fodler.

If you explicitly want to have email in the outbox folder - you can always move emails with the help of Move email activity.


Hello! How did you manage to resolve this? I am facing the same issue now.

“save as draft” is checked but draft email does not appear in outlook drafts folder (it does not appear in any other outlook folder too).

“saved as draft” is unchecked and email automatically sends out.

Would appreciate it if you could share what you did, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Zing

What is your version of the Mail activity package in your project?

Hi @Zing,

Have you searched the email in Drafts folder instead of only looking if it appears at the top? Because depends on how this folder is sorted, the email may not appear at the top of Drafts folder, and it is harder to find if you have many draft emails. You may try noting how many emails you currently have in Drafts, run the xaml and check again if the number of draft emails increases.

Hello @loginerror ! Here is a screenshot of my project dependencies. Is this what you are referring to?

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Hello @vgbot, yes i did. My drafts outlook folder is empty before and after I run the workflow. Just tested again.

Hello @loginerror, have also attached a screenshot of my workflow. Maybe you can spot something I didn’t. So when the ‘save as draft’ is checked, no draft email is generated, but when ‘save as draft’ is unchecked, the email sends out.

Hi @Zing

I’ve just made some tests with the exact same version you have (1.10.3-preview) and the draft mail was successfully created in the Drafts folder of the default mailbox account. I set all the properties I’ve seen you set in designer.

Some ideas:

  • In your draft folder, make sure the emails are sorted “Newest on Top” by date (mine was the oldest on top, so at first I thought I reproduced the issue :slight_smile: )
  • in Use Desktop Outlook App activity try also selecting a specific email account rather than the default one.

Hi @ovidiuponoran , thanks for helping to try out! My draft emails are empty, so it wasn’t due to the sorting. I have also tried sending from a specific email account but the issue still exists. I tried using the studio version to replicate a simple version of the ‘send outlook email’ activity to test out the function. Still face the same issue when “isdraft” is selected, no email is generated, but when “isdraft is unselected”, the email was sent out. I also checked that my uipath installer is the 2021.4 latest version. Not sure how else to resolve this.

Please also check your Outlook Desktop application settings, makes sure the Drafts is selected is “Save to this folder:” drop-down list.

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Hello @ovidiuponoran, thanks for following up! I have uninstalled and re-installed the outlook desktop application, and re-installed the chrome and excel add-ins for uipath, and it is working as intended. Not sure what was wrong before, but so happy that its working!

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Hello @Zing I’m happy it is working now!
Thanks for telling me about this.

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