Downloading the pdf in a website

Hi All,

I want to download the pdf after login to the portal,
i.e. after login to a portal I will enter the Account numbers after that the PDF file will appear the size of the pdf will differ like one pdf would 500KB some pdf would 40MB some would be 6MB and some would be 200MB, I dont want to download the next pdf unless the present PDF is download successfully, I want
to know how exactly the time I need to fix for each download,
because some PDF will download with in some seconds and some will take minutes.
I tried using the delay activity but it is not working.



Use wait for download activity to complete the task



You can use the Wait for Download activity
with Path and file name


Hello @HeartCatcher

You can use wait for download activity or retry scope to check the file.

Hello @HeartCatcher The best way to wait for an downloaded file is by using Wait For Download Activity. Please refer to the below video on how to use it

Wait For Download in UiPath - Video

Once it downloads, move the downloaded file to another folder since the Wait for Download activity monitors the folder but not a specific file

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