Downloading the latest uploaded file

Hi experts,

How can I download the latest uploaded file here ?

(Clicking on the file link downloads the file)

There could be multiple uploaded files.


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Hi @Bhanu_Rathore ,

Can you Check if Data Scraping is Possible on the Uploaded files ?

If Possible, we can use the date Value to get the Latest file and then Click on the Latest file That was uploaded.

Let us know if the Data Scraping does not work.

@supermanPunch It is working. But there could be no attachments here as well, which needs to be mentioned in the input file.

@Bhanu_Rathore , What is the Result from Data Scraping when there are no Attachments Present?

What is the Step to be performed when there are no Attachments?


If there is no data then its writing nothing (assuming we are writing the extraxted data into a new excel)

And if there is no data, then we have to mention in the input file : “No Attachments found”

Actually im reading the IDs from excel and running a loop. This will open a webpage for each ID from where I have to download the attachment.
If there is no attachment then I have to mention “No Attachments found” in the corresponding column.

@Bhanu_Rathore , The above Step could be done easy using an Assign Activity.

However, Is the Problem of retrieving the Latest Uploaded file resolved ?

If Not, we would like to know what are the Table Values/Columns that was Extracted using Data Scraping when Attachments Exist.

We can also modify the Table Extraction to Check whether we can extract the Date of the attachment. The Below post Describes Steps to extract certain data that was not available directly using the Data Scraping.

Yes im extracting the date and time only , then finding the smallest date from the extraxted data table , then saving that date into a variable.

I can then use anchor base (finding the date element) to download the attachment.
Unfortunately anchor base is not working and the click activity in anchor base is not clicking on the file link .

@supermanPunch Resolved the issue by using anchor in ui Explorer.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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