Downloading report from SAP and saving it as an excel in a location

Hi Guys,
Im trying to download a report from T-Code MM60.

Normally, the manual process would be to select the location on the left side (Quick access, Desktop, etc) and drill down to the location where this report is to be saved.

However that involves too many steps and requires the use of OCR combined with the normal clicks.

I tried playing around with the assign activity. My thought process is to assign a variable called fileLocation to the location that I want to save it in. Im not sure what are the .Net codes I would use?

Once I have this use the type into module and type into the “save in” search box, click the location and then save.

Anyone got experience with this? or any other method? thanks!!


I am not sure about SAP, but usually you can assign a variable as you think

Use Assign Activity and create a string variable

Eg: fileLocation = “C:\User\Desktop\Files” - For Local Folder
fileLocation = “\IPAddress\Desktop\Files” - This for Network Path

Use same Variable in TypeInto

Hope this helps you


Great! thanks alot… Will try this…

You should use Type Into activity and paste your fileLocation variable.

Have a look

Keep in mind, that SAP may react differently to human-based and robot-based actions. That ‘Save as’ popup may be that case

Thank you sir… Will look into this as well…


For SAP related settings you can refer below link

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HI @Edwin_Gomez

Dialogs screen of SAP can be different for human and for robots.

check this settings Configuration Steps