Downloading Multiple PDF from NSE Website

Anyone please tell me where iam going wrong,I want to download multiple PDF’S from nse website and in that website there is a csv file to download so i have donwnloaded that file.The Main motive is to download the pdf from a website so i have taken a assign activity and stored all the names of the pdf in that activity and my variable type is array of string.after that i have taken a for each and in that i have passed the array variable into it,again i have taken for each row in datatable into that for each and i have passed read csv variable in for each datatable i have used if activity in that i have mentioned the condition-currentrow(“CSV Column name”).tostring.contains(currentitem).My code is not executing it is going into else part.

Hi @Priyesh_Shetty1 ,

Try this.

PdfArray.contains(currentrow(“CSV Column name”).tostring.Trim)

Where PdfArray is Array of String

No @Harshith_Adyanthaya i have tried your code also but still it is going into else part…whatever pdf i want to download it is mentioned in that csv file in subject column…so with the help of that csv file i can download that pdf from nse website…but still it is going to else part…

There are different different name in that subject column but i want to download 4 different named pdf from website.

Can you send me data in array, like example data and some data in csv file? or can i dowload that file from website by any chance?

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