Downloading multiple excel files convert into single excel

can we downloading multiple excel files convert into single excel with simple or easy steps .do we have activity/query for process

Follow these steps:

  1. Download excel files
  2. Get the downloaded file names using Directory.GetFiles() method and save all the file names in array variable
  3. Now use for loop with the file names variable created in previous step
  4. In the body of for loop, you should read the excel file data using read range activity and save it in a data table variable.
  5. then using append range activity, append the data table(created in previous step). Append range activity creates new file if it doesn’t exist(So first the first iteration of your for loop, new file will be created and from the second time it’s just appended)
    Note that you should put steps 4 and 5 in the body of for loop. So the same process runs for all excel files.