Downloading JIRA Attachments using uipath

Hi All,

I want to download latest attachments against specific issue id from JIRA portal by using uipath. Is this possible? I am trying HTTP Request, but somehow not getting output.

Please suggest best way to do this

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@Nive It should be possible. Can you post the sample workflow that you tried. And BTW what version of JIRA is it?

using JIRA v7.5.2

I have list of issuekey in one excel file which i m fetching in “issuekey” variable and putting that as part of jira link. so it should go to that particular issuekey and download attachments which are present under it.

Did you get any solution for it?

Do we have any solution ? Also is it possible to download multiple attachments from single issue in JIRA ?
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Hi Nive,

For Jira Cloud you can use:


In this video, you can see how to download the files with activity:

and here you can see how to download this via Raw REST API commands: