Downloading images with increasing file number names

HI Everyone,

I would like to download images from a website with links like. /product_image/009/876/855/9876855_1.jpg’ /product_image/009/876/855/9876855_2.jpg /product_image/009/876/855/9876855_3.jpg /product_image/009/876/855/9876855_4.jpg /product_image/009/876/855/9876855_5.jpg /product_image/009/876/855/9876855_6.jpg’

It has a pattern to change only the “_x.jpg” number, as of now, i created a excel sheet hard coding each link with exact number of the file name and is able to get the images. I am thinking if it’s possible to assign a variable as the series and increase after each download.

I tried to assign the number as

It’s saying it’s not possible, may I have your help on this.
Much appreciated.


try: StrURL+picseries.ToString+StrNo

Pls mark it as solution if it works for you :slight_smile:



URL will be string and you are concatenating text with integer. Convert all to string at the time of concatenating. i.e.


I would suggest assign URL to a variable and then pass variable to RequestURL.

Thank you
I was not able to test this the day before, will try this and come back. Much appreciated