Downloading files through browser on existing session

I have a need to be able to download a larger amount of files from a site, keeping the current session to make sure authentication is ok. E.g. I have an authenticated UiPath.Core.Browser object, which I’d like to use for downloading a set of files similar to how it would be done with wget, eg.


I can use the “Navigate go” activity to open the files and from there let IE use “Save as” and save them, but I had hopes there would be a simpler “from URL → file on filesystem” way (that supports taking an existing browser object.

Anyone has suggestions ? =)

you can use HTTP Request activity

Download File URL goes into EndPoint property

Local File Name goes into ResourcePath property.

I considered and tried that earlier, but how do you provide an existing UiPath.Core.Browser object to it ? That activity would give you a new session (and I wouldn’t like to try to handle the cookies used for authentication with the server manually).