Downloading file from hyperlink embedded in outlook email



Manual Steps:

  • open auto-generated outlook email with download link to csv file (this link is embedded in the body with an alias)
  • user clicks on the link and download begins. The file upon download completion is stored in the “Downloads” folder.

Automation request:
I want to automate the download of this file from the email and store the file in a specific folder (not “Downloads”). Also, to add a layer of complexity, there could be multiple emails from the same senders email address so will have to restrict the search for email and download only from the latest email received from the sender.

Any thoughts on how I can achieve this? I downloaded the package that enables outlook functionality with “get outlook mail message” etc.


Hi @dkapoor

Below are the Uipath steps for your requirements as mentioned above;
1)Use get outlook mail to read the unread mail, you have received from the specific sender.
Output of the “Get Outlook mail” activity is a list of MailMessages.(Data type: System.Collections.Generic.List(System.Net.Mail.MailMessage)
2)Use For each to repeat for all unread messages
3)Use “Body” property to get the contents of the body
4)Try putting those link in Google to download.
3)Use Save attachment and use “Move” file activity to move the downloaded file from “Downloads” folder.

This is just idea, you can think other way round.




Can you give me a sample xaml file for this…
Thanks In advance