Downloading and reading excel sheet

Hey Everyone, I have an excel sheet im downloading and then using excel application scope and after the bot is done grabbing info from there it deletes the excel file. The file always says “Cancel Unpaid Invoices” but has numbers beside it that change every file it downloads. What can I put in place so it reads the “Cancel Unpaid Invoices” at all times?

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May i know why you are deleting the file once after grabbing data from the excel

kindly elaborate a bit more on this please
Cheers @seanp92

Well the bot does some work grabbing info and then deletes it at the end. The bot downloads excel file Cancel Unpaid Invoices-5526.xlsx then after doing work deletes it loops around and downloads Cancel Unpaid Inovices_6789 i need it to read all excel files that say cancel unpaid invoices.