Downloading all the PDF files from a website to one folder

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a flowchart where the user enters the URL and the PDFs get downloaded automatically to a folder in local drive.
For ex- “”. I want to download all the PDFs from the above site



May I know what error are you getting here ? Where you got stuck ?

Could you please tell more details and so that we can check and help you.

@lakshman. my logic was to extract the links for each file in the website then enter one by one in the search bar using Type-into. I was using normal DataScraping options in the website to get the URLs. But no URL was getting extracted


Is it structured data ? Are you getting any error at the time of using Data scraping activity ?

Yes the data is structured. There is no URL extracted if I am Data Scraping method and selecting the URL checkbox. I have faced this for the first time.

Can you please help me out