Downloading a pdf file

I want to download the pdf each time after reading the excel using the column name “FilenName”, before downloading I want to check whether the pdf file is already downloaded or not if it is downloaded then I dont want to download the pdf if it is not downloaded means the pdf should downloaded.
For example BankDetails1, bankDetails2 is the file name I need to check whether the BankDetails1 is downloaded or not if it is downloaded I need to download BankDetails2 pdf file if not I need to download BankDetails1 and continue the process.

Please do needful.



If you are processing based on the excel input then do the below steps

  1. User Path Exist activity with file type to check the file already downloaded in the target directory
  2. If the above condition is true then terminate the transaction and move to next
  3. Else, if the above Path Exist returns False then proceed with download

Hello @HeartCatcher

You can use File exists to check the presence of the file. If doesn’t exist, Then do the downloading

Hello @HeartCatcher Please refer to the attached workflow (69.8 KB)

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