Downloading 2021 reports

Hi, the website has different years of hyperlinks i.e 2018,2019,2020,2021,2022, and 2023. Currently, I want to click on the hyperlink for 2021. In the future, I want to click on the different hyperlinks to download the files. but the problem is it doesn’t click on the hyperlink. how to rectify it?

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@Cuberoot Make the click activity selector dynamic by passing aaname = Now.Year(-2) so this will give year 2022

I have created an argument in the orchestrator for 2021. In the future, we are planning to create an argument in it. So how we will use it? In the click activity in aaname, I have used argument but the problem is not validate.So what should I do?

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@Cuberoot Is it possible to share selectors of the links


@Cuberoot Pass only aaname and remove innertext