Downloaded image local path in Excel sheet

How to Download Image from any Website and then save its local path and the name of an image into excel sheet

Step 1: Saving image to local

Use below mentioned activities to save image to local


Step 2: Add image name to excel
As your are saving file to local, obviously you’ll be knowing name of file. Just use add data row and write range or write cell to add name to excel.

In case you want the actual name of image that you are downloading, get attributes of image from webpage and follow step 1. This time save image with name you extracted from webpage.

there is link i want to open in browser->then there is a image there->when i click on that image a new tab is open->then there’s the download button->when i click that button the image get downloaded in local system->i want that image path as well as name of image to be stored in excel sheet

this is the sequence i want. thank you in advance

After the image gets downloaded to a folder,


Will give all the file in that folder

Then pass this to a for each and item from for each use


Will give file name