Download Youtube videos with conditions

I want to know how to download videos from youtube by a set of conditions, say “trending”, or “uploaded from a certain location”, on an hourly basis


hey @dimsum_legend are you able to filter according to set of conditions?

that’s actually my original question. So is it possible in Uipath?

I generally think a good video converter should have advanced editing capabilities. Before you start converting the file, you could add subtitles and a watermark to the video and then crop and trim the video.The ability to convert multiple WebM files to MP4 at the same time. Otherwise, converting files to MP4 one by one will take a lot of time. It would be better to use Task Manager so that your computer will shut down as soon as the conversion is finished. With the YouTube Playlist Downloader to MP4 converter, you can convert .webm to .mp4 with less loss of quality.