Download XAML without package

I need to retrieve my code from Orchestrator as my hard drive crashed and I lost everything. I see the posts saying that you can only download packages, but for some reason my package is 7 versions behind (I guess I didn’t understand how packages work). However I don’t understand why I can’t just get the .XAML file that I can SEE right here via the “Explore Package” button. I don’t get how I can explore the package without there being a package.
I really need this, even if it takes a UiPath employee pulling it for me.


Hello @Sammie_Fullmer

As per my understanding, you cannot download the xaml files separately. What you can do is download the package and then unzip it. Then you can get the xaml files.


Can you instruct me on how to download the package? I don’t see the packages here in the shared folder like I have in my personal folder.

Can you go to My Packages?


I can only go there if I’m in My Workspace, not when in the shared folder. Problem is the one in My Workspace is 7 versions behind.

In your Workspace, select the process → press on Upgrade to latest version

It says there is no version to upgrade to in my workspace. When in the shared folder, I can create a process from the correct package that is at the correct version, so why can’t I access the package?

Well, in this case, the Workspace is not helping you, as you will see only your published processes directly to your Workspace. You will not have access to Tenant Packages.

Solution: Add a Modern folder and add your user to it, or add your user into an existing Modern folder and then work with your Packages/Processes.

Let us know if this helped you.

Is this a modern folder? If so, how do I find Packages because it still isn’t showing up.

Yes, it is a Modern Folder.

First, check if you can see multiple versions of the package.


If you cannot see, it may be that actually there are no other versions available and your observed behavior is expected.

Unfortunately your image did not load, but if I’m understanding correctly then yes I can see more versions when I’m adding a process.

Good, add an old version of the process in your folder, then try to upgrade.

It is working?

If not, double-check the Packages permissions

and Processes permissions

I found it! I had to look inside the Tenant, not the folder. Thank you so much for helping me look through things! I’m very new to the Orchestrator. Now I can get back to work.

Perfect, now mark as a solution the correct post in this thread that helped you. This will help other users to find easier their answers.

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