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I am having the following requirement

  1. Upon clicking a Download button a file will be downloaded.
  2. I want to save/download only the file with extension as .xlsx.
  3. Upon clicking Download button download extension will vary dynamically. I want to download and save the particular file format.

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Is there “Save As” option available? from where you are downloading the files?

No my point is, in a webpage Download button is displayed → Upon clicking it a file will be downloaded with any extensions randomly, i want to download only when the file format is .xlsx how can i achieve it using any conditionally statements?

1. Click Download Button
2.Get the File format using “Get Text” Activity
3. Click SaveFile Option if it contains .xlsx format.

in the SAVE AS Window,
we will be getting the default filename with its extension
–use get text activity and get the output of the field where that text appears and store it in a variable of type string named str_input
–now use a IF condition like this
if true it will go to THEN part where we can use SEND HOT KEY to click on SAVE button
else leave it

Cheers @monish06

no its not there. Upon clicking Download button it gets downloaded automatically in the download folder.


You have to change the browser settings and it will show you pop up to download the file.

Please check below thread and follow the steps mentioned as per your browser.


Is the issue resolved ?

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