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Hi, I have downloaded uipath community version sometime back where in, I got a download link in mail but now when i tried to get another, no mail came??? What could be the problem?

Hi Chitra

Try this url

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Thank U Khanyiso!!!

This is the same url, i have used before and still I didnt get any link to download? Is there any restriction for the user to get the download url only once per mail id?

I have actually used it multiple times, but with the same email address… It worked fine for me though…

I have used it many times, unless if your email is receiving the email as scam, please check from the scam folder, if you are using your work email the email might be blocked, and if that’s the case that you are using work email switch to your personal email.

ya its official mailid but in the same id, i got the activation mail also… til now i didnt get any mail and checked with company and they are not blocking even…

change the email to your personal mailid,

Thats exactly what I did, thanks!!!

Welcome and if this is solved can mark my answer as solution.

Thank you.

Ya that helped, thanks

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