Download URL from body of outlook email

I am trying to set up a workspace that will run every day at the same time.

I have a previous workflow which sends me an email with a URL in the body (link is of a zipped folder).

I want to download the zipped folder and unzip it, in downloads folder is fine but it doesn’t really matter where.

The zipped folder contains a CSV file which I would like to open

I want it to all be automatic:

  1. Click URL in Outlook email body and download zipped folder
  2. Unzip folder
  3. Open CSV in Excel

I am a beginner with UiPath and I have read though all help pages and similar questions. When I run it, it says “If: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source”

I am a new user so i cannot upload my .xaml but here is a screenshot:

Can anyone help me?


Hi @brooke

Can you tell me which h activity is throwing that error you mentioned?

Based on the error what I see is that some variable is not getting assigned to s value. The easiest way to check this is to use the debug option.

Can you right click on the top lost activity and add a break point. Now run the the flow in debug mode. Once it reach the activity that you created the debug point it will stop highlighting the activity in yellow. While there you can also see the values assigned to the variables right below that activity is executed in the locale panel.

So, use the step into button and execute each step one by one and see whether your variables are getting assigned with some value

It looks like the “If” activity?

But there are no null values in the “Properties of If (current)” section of the Locals panel.

Does that make sense?

Hi @brooke

Check the Matchfound variable has any value.

@aanandsanraj MatchFound is null. Is that the issue? Do you know what I should do?

Regex is not matching, check you regex in the below website. So you can able to find regex is working or not