Download UiPath Studio Community edition

I have registered at the UiPath to download the community edition. However, I am not receiving any email containing any link to download the studio.

I have tried several times (and even by giving different email ids) and also checked junk email folder. Trying this for last 2 days.

How to download it now?


here is the link to download
– link not available anymore –
but its UiPath Studio not community anyway explore RPA for 60day and later you can extend your free trial. :slight_smile:


What about Community edition?

Also, since you are UiPath certified and I have just started to go through their training material, can you please let me know how much time it takes to get certified?

I will be spending 2-3 hrs each day.


Not sure why u didn’t receive any download mail yet hope your providing enterprise id not your personal mail id.
How much time… :grimacing: its all depends on how fast u able to grasp the content and do the practical can skip the topic and directly go to quiz but to pass the quiz u really have to make an effort.
3 attempts for every 24 hours.
need to score above 80% to get certified. .

I’m having the same issue. I submitted a request to download the community edition but never received an email with the download link.

If others are having this issue please report it on the UiPath new website - Feedback page so the developers see it.

i have downloaded the UI path studio but all the features are not working , can you please suggest me how to make that work .

the mail comes in the promotion section of your gmail, so please check that in that section as well.

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Did you update all the available package under manage package pane.

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thanks bro …got it done .

Hi I am also facing the same issue. Could you please let me know how did you resolve it?

What’s the issue, Sai? Could you please provide more details?

Same problem here.
My machine at work got upgraded and I didn’t have the install files for CE.
I’ve requested the download more than 5 times already with no email coming through.

Can someone PLEASE assist with a download link?

Hi Ludgero,

You can find the download link for the CE in this post:

LE: link not available

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Thank you kindly.
I’ve managed to come right!

please post that download link

hello there,
Download link made private and not available to download directly anymore.
You have to register and UiPath will send you the download link to the registered mail id.

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Hi…i have downloaded that…but .Net framework is not getting installed in my lap.

What’s the error ? You can download from Microsoft link (just google it )

no progress after this…n its getting closed after sometime…

I think 4.5.2 is enough . Give a try .

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