Download the profile on the same and diff page?

I did that bro, again it’s typing


bro what is this D:\win7”+“”+“ ???

Just a reference path @Palaniyappan provided, change it according to your requirement

FIne lets do one thing buddy

–Buddy once you get to the save option and field will be highlighting a name already to save that file with a filename
–send a hot key to cut that name like “DanielRajan_Profile” with key ctrl+x
–now use a type into activity to write the file path
–again use a send hot key with key ctrl+v which will paste the name that we cut

Try this and let know buddy
Cheers @balkishan

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any issues still buddy @balkishan

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I am doing that bro…

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Hi @Palaniyappan, the problem is with popup window when we click on save as option it takes times, if unfortunate it come on first click so we have use the send hot key to perform the Home, so it’s suddenly disspear the window.

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Performing send hot key Home is disapearing the window

@Palaniyappan , @HareeshMR ; Send Hot Key - Home is not clicking at initial of the text.

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Buddy is there any change to know the profile name prior to saving if possible get that name with any of the activity like get text or scrape relative from the portal before saving and while in the save option window we can concatenate the file path you wand the profile name we got from the portal with a activity

Cheers @balkishan

I think this we can do also,
once I used the ocr/get text and store it into a variable.

suppose my name is stored in the CandidateName variable and path is saved in the Path folder.
so, how can I concatinate plz tell me.

concatenate like this buddy
if the path has \ at the last already then just
Try this and let know buddy @balkishan

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Enter it as
Path + CandidateName
in the file name field…

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@Palaniyappan and @HareeshMR First part is done guys.

Now I have to use close tab right to close the present tab.
Then I have to click on the second candidate from the same page.

As I clicked on the first candidate and save the profile, Now I have to click on the second candidate and save the profile and so on…Please guide me

Thanks in advance for your guidance and help :slight_smile:

you might have used a attach browser under which you would have performed all the activities for the first profile and in that attach browser you can get the output variable and pass that as input to close tab activity buddy. so that it will get closed and previous page will be in foreground…use a click before performing any activty in the previous screen to make sure that the previous screen becomes active

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@Palaniyappan bro, I did that it’s closing the opened profile tab now you see only the candidate list is open, Now I have to go down and click on the second candidate headline and save the provise as I did before, so plz guide what to do

@Palaniyappan & @HareeshMR Plz guide me, Now I am able to save the first candidate profile, and I have to do same for the rest so plz guide

I want to download first 10 profile.

Why don’t you use Data Scraping to get all the first 10 names and then click on the extracted data…

You will get all the 10 names using data scraping and then try open browser for each name

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fine buddy @balkishan
–it looks like we can initially get all the profile details in this page with data scrapping and store it in a datatable
–and get the value one by one with for each row loop and assign it to a variable of type string
–then use a retry scope with condition element exists and in the top part use send hot key activity with down arrow and use the find text position, so two activities in above part and a element exists in the condition part
–for this find text position pass the variable that we obtained from for each row loop which has the name of each profile and get the output from this find text position activity a variable of type uielement and pass the same to element exists in the condition block of retry scope
–once the element exists satisfy the condition with true the retry scope will stop and next to the retry scope use a click activity and pass the uielement variable to element property of click…
–then proceed the same process you did so for to download that profile and save it in a folderpath
once over it will get back to first page and the process will repeat…if needed put all these inside a while loop with a counter a variable of default value 0 and put the condition like counter < 10
and increment this variable at last of while loop before it gets iterated to the next page

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That what I was thinking in the beginning, I had doubt that I used click activity, so can I use now?

sorry this will take again from the beginning but this is how it can be handled easily @balkishan

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