Download the profile on the same and diff page?

Hi expert,

I need your guide plz, I am automation the monster job portal just for learning purpose, so here I have to download the profile. I reached at the download profile option. I attached the snapshot. here is I have click on heading then next paget will open and then save the profile. Again from the previous page click on the second candidate heading and it will take us to the next page and then save profile. so I have to download the 10 profile. can you plz help on this

@Palaniyappan plz guide , Thanks :slight_smile:

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Buddy @balkishan

This is how you need to proceed buddy

  1. open the portal with open browser or open application
  2. you have already reached the download profile option and attached snapshot…well and good
  3. now use a click activity to click on the heading
  4. use a attach browser or attach window to perform activities on next page
  5. inside that attach browser or attach window activity save the profile
  6. Then being in that attach browser or attach window still use a send hot key with back key to get to the previous page or use atl+F4 to close the current page and it will take you to the previous page
  7. Now you will get to the previous page and before starting any activity use a click activity to make sure that previous page becomes active
    Thats all buddy you are done
    Kindly try this and let know buddy
    Cheers @balkishan
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Hi @balkishan,

Continuing to @Palaniyappan ,
You can use Go back and Go forward activities instead of opening a new window and saving the profile.


@Palaniyappan As I used click activity to click on the Profile Heading.

Once click it open in the new tab. so you mean I have use Attach Browser to Attach that window
so this window I have to attach bro

But once click on save button we have to close this tab, again go to the same open page and download the another person profile.

Yes buddy you need to use attach browser for the first question
use close tab to close this tab and you will be taken back to the previous page buddy
Cheers @balkishan

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Okay Thanks bro, I am doing that, will update you once completed :slight_smile:

Fine buddy @balkishan

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@Palaniyappan Bro when I save the profile. so I am typing the path, I want to write first path where I want to save the profile the name of the person to whom it belong.
When click on save as button. so how the popup window comes is

when I type the path how it’s typing.


But I want to type the first folder path where I have to save it, then the same name as it’s come by default.

Is there any option I can start typing before this name?

buddy while using type into activity enable this property
emptyfield and
simulate type

Then you can type the path first and the name you want buddy
Cheers @balkishan

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Try sending hot key Home to type in the starting

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If i will do this bro. It will remove the name which come by default.

no worries buddy you can mention the name you want followed by the file path lke this
for example

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I don’t think sending key will work here

How do you want me to use?

sorry, Not getting bro?

Then how it will take the name??

yes buddy of course we can use send hot key with key home
once after taking the cursor to first position, you can type the file path you have with type into activity buddy @balkishan

  1. Click in the Name field
  2. Send hot key (Home)
  3. type the path
  4. Enter…

If it fails, then

  1. Click in the field
  2. use copy selected text
  3. save it in a variable and form the entire path with this text copied and type it inside the field.

I think it works. Hope so…

Try and let me know if it works :slight_smile:

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Before I am using the type into activity and give the path directly.
Like this

Now you want me to click on the field where I have to type the path, then it will click what it will do, why we are using click here, we need to type na here?

buddy keep in mind that once after typing the path do mention the backslash before the file name
like this

the procedure is
–once getting to save as use click activity in the field where you are going to type
–use send hot key with key Home
–again use a type into activity with the file path you have and concatenate the file path with backslash and followed by your filename

thats all buddy you are done
Cheers @balkishan

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If we use type into, it will continue typing after the existing string and thats what is happening now. You want to type in the beginning, so we are just sending an info where the hot key needs to be implemented and thats what we are doing now.

The click will initiate the action and hot key will move the cursor to the beginning and you are typing the path there. so, once we click on the ok button, if the path is correct, then it will save the file inn the specified path :slight_smile: