Download Sharepoint Attachments

I want to download an attachment from sharepoint list. are there any activity to download attachments?

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hi @RasinduLakkitha95
go through this below one,

which may aid you…
hpy learning… :blush:

Hello @shalinisettu,

Using activity ‘Get list item attachments’, I’m able to fetch the file name with extension but how to download the files as the output of that activity is ‘String Array’ which just contains names?

Ok got it.

We need to use UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities.Libraries.GetFile acitivity and pass in the list name and file name we have to download the list attachments.

So after doing this, I ended up getting the file extension as .000 file ext. I need this as the excel extension that it is on the site, how do I do this?

Hi @Vamsi_Krishna_Gogineni,

I have the same problem as you had. I received the name of the file, but can’t download it.
Can you please share how did you do it?

Thanks in advance.