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Hi guys,

Not sure if I was dreaming but I swear that somewhere I saw a repository of older versions of UiPath Studio and Orchestrator but apparently @badita says there is not one.

This would be a brilliant addition as it’s hard to keep track locally of all the installer files and if you need to upgrade or roll back to any particular version it would be awesome to simply have a repository that stored these files. Perhaps you could add a link to the release notes for each version?



Please find this link:



Ah I wasn’t dreaming!! I remember the Hockey App now - why is it in such a mysterious location? Guessing there are plans to move this to the UiPath website at some point?

An Update For all Other Users :slight_smile: and who copied this Url In Others Posts as well :slight_smile:

This Url has been discontinued So now only you will be able to download The latest available versions from Uipath Official site.


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We’re working on it.

Any updates on this?