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I need to download the source code of a process that is currently running in production from the orchestrator. How can this be done? The uipath assistant app does not have this option.

Download the process source REF_DescargaInversion_Prod

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Hi @bosses.project,

You can download packages from Orchestrator, go to Tenant > Packages:

And then find the package you want, click on the 3 dots > View Versions:

And then find the version, click on the 3 dots and download:

This will download a .nupkg file, you can replace .nupkg with .zip and then your code will be in zipfolder\lib\net45

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Hello @bosses.project ,

There is no provision in UiPath assistant to download the package. but if you have the access to the Orchestrator, you can go to Tenant->Packages->Se;ect the package to download->Click on More option->Download package.

Package will get download as .nupkg file.

Thank you!!!.

Problem solved

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