Download PPT from Slides ends with exportSizeLimitExceeded

Do you know how to avoid of Google restriction of downloading files bigger than 5MB?
I’m using Workspace Classic activity Download File but it returns error about exportSizeLimitExceeded.

Download File: Download failed after 0 bytes. Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError
This file is too large to be exported. [403]
Errors [
	Message[This file is too large to be exported.] Location[ - ] Reason[exportSizeLimitExceeded] Domain[global]

I found something here Google Drive Rest Api Files export limitation - Stack Overflow but my file doesn’t have public link because we’re using Google Domain.


This link might help

Even if this needs public…there ypu have no options with api…rather go with ui automation which is not much preferred


Okay, I have to choose different strategy because not all RPA accounts have Google account.

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