Download pdf or zip from dropbox link available in mail


i have dropbox links whic i recieve in email.

one type of link consist of pdf
and other links consist of zip.

How can i download these attachments.beacuse link opens in broswer differently.

and when i am using UI automation activities BOT fails…

please help me to understand how can i download the attachments.


Hai @heena_shaikh… Use Save Attachment Activity… U Can use Unzip activity by given below


@Nandhuba thanks for the reply but my main concern is to download from the link

Hello, you can try this :

you can use move email to move the wanted email to a specific folder where to use for each .

or if the body is more than a link you can save the [currentmail]Body with a write cell into the default scratchpad and from there you can use text to column to find the exactly the link from the entire text then read the cell that contains the link to use it in app card to open explorer. and so on


These activities cant be installed on enterprise version

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