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I have this question a while ago crossing my mind.

Normally we read a config from a data folder right? but when it’s about download a temp file to use it and later erase it…We can save this temp files into the process Structure? like data folder?

I got this doubt because I don’t know if the robot can create files or folders in its inner structure when the nupkg its already created and uploaded to orchestrator. Like creating a new folder into the data file of the process into the orchestrator.

Somebady did this already?

thank you for your time

Yah of course it can create if we have mention the file path as a RELATIVE PATH along the activities inside the sequence that we have published

Cheers @KevinDS

Hi @Palaniyappan

So, at the end. The file will be created into the structure of the process package (into fata folder) ?

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thats how even REFramework works
like we will store the result file in temp or data folder and can access the in next run

Cheers @KevinDS

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