Download orchestrator v2020.4


Where can I download the UiPath Orchestrator latest version 2020.4?

Go to and go to the Resource Center tab.

The specified version 2020.4 is not available there to download.

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hi @anandhan
if im not mistaken
Community Edition Letest versions as below
Preview : Version 20.2.0-beta.108
Stable : Version 19.10.4

still didn’t release 2020.4 :wink:

Community Edition downloads of previous versions or specific ones are not available, only latest version and can be found in your platform web site.
Enterprise Edition downloads must be ordered using a support ticket.

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2020.4 will only be released in April :slight_smile:


omg, does that mean he come from the future?! :upside_down_face:


Hi All,

Thanks for your responses. It seems the specified version 2020.4 will be released in April 2020.

Recently I went through the below article, 2020.4 version is mentioned in this article. That’s the reason I posted my query in this forum.

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I see!

Well, @Madalina_Boboc can chime in here, but in general these are beta docs:

The beta documentation is live because the most recent Community Edition is already containing some features of the soon to be released 2020.4 Enterprise.


Hey guys,

The 2020.4 version is not yet launched.
Part of our new release cadence we started last year, we implemented the following rule - twice a year, release two Enterprise on-prem versions, as follows:

  • year.4 - FastTrack Support
  • year.10 - Long-term Support

Because we also release a lot of community updates we wanted to provide documentation before it is released in an Enterprise version. Why wait around for them? :roll_eyes:
To do so, we add all the changes brought by a community update in the next on-prem version.

Let’s take the current situation as an example:

  • v2019.10 was already released.
  • All the changes brought to the community after 2019.10, such as 2020.1 and 2020.2 are captured in the 2020.4 version of the documentation.
  • The version is marked as “beta” because the official launch of the 2020.4 version did not happen yet, but that is what we’re working towards. That’s the “finish line”.

This also applies to features that first hit the cloud. They are going to be documented in the next on-prem version.

After 2020.4 enterprise hits the market:

  • 2020.4 will no longer be marked as beta in the docs
  • 2020.4 becomes the main version in docs
  • all community features we release after, are going to be documented in 2020.10

and on and on we go 'round and 'round :dancing_women: :dancer: :dancing_men:

Hope this helps clear the air :grin:


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